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Michael's Mural

Jerri's Sheds before and after!

The graphic to the left was created on a sign for a social club who had an event which featured a Fortune Teller!


OLAF, the snowman from the movie, FROZEN, and all of the other characters in that movie are available as lawn décor, but must be ordered before December. Great gifts that keep on giving! I use high quality plywood, sanded primed, cut to your size specifications and hand painted with high quality exterior paint that will easily last over a decade. 

Can be any cartoon character or just Santa, Rudolph, etc. Also can be personalized..."Merry Christmas From the Jones Family!" etc. 

Affordable Murals By Dana

This client gave me a lovely


Thank you so much, Jerri! As I told you, all artists are so grateful to have clients who appreciate custom, original art!

"Dana painted a landscape mural across a wall of sheds that lined my patio.  It brought life to the patio.  What fun! The colors are vibrant, the visual pulls the patio into the scene and you really feel you are sitting by the water front.  Dana really worked at making the mural part of our life. She listened to us and personalized the scene with points from our beach experiences. She met our time frame and needs.  But, more importantly, she is a true artist! We have a work of art in our patio at a price we could afford! We would definitely contract with her again and highly recommend her work."

Jerri L, Citrus Heights, CA

Since the sheds together are close to 20 feet wide and close to 6 feet tall, it was difficult to get the entire image. I have close ups if anyone needs them to show the detail. There are Sandpipers pecking at the sand on the beach, large palm trees to the far right with beach grass. There's a little house on one of the islands and some little boats sitting on the shore by the dock.  The mural to the below to the left is another beach scene I painted this year.  This client was also very happy and told me I exceeded her expectations! Both gave me bonuses! I was so grateful for there comments and for the work!

There is another small photo on the middle of two small photos of Carlee's Mural...which I painted for a client in Sacramento named Michael R. This client wanted flamingos, a bird of paradise, etc., and he also said he was very happy with the mural. He gave it to his wife for their anniversary as a surprise. It was to remind her of their trip to Mexico. He hung it by her dining table on their back patio. What a nice anniversary present!

Please click to see Birds of Paradise.

Carlee's Mural

Custom painting isn't only for the rich and famous.  Anyone can afford my rates.  I also can work around your budget. An example might be that you want a beach scene. I could paint the water, the beach, some palm trees. Then as your child wants me to add a monkey hanging from a tree, or if you wanted a favorite quote added, etc.... I can paint in stages so you don't have to pay for the entire mural at one time.  Maybe each payday you can old woody stationwagon, some more flowers, and as the child becomes a teen, add a surfboard, etc. The photos above are of two separate murals I on a 6 X 8 foot plywood board as the client wanted to be able to take the mural with them when they moved, the other was painted on a shed. You might want to add famous encouraging quotes, or I can make them up for your theme.  Example:  If you want the theme to be cute little bees flying around the room....I could add the words, "You can Be anything you want to Be!" (And instead of the word "be" I could paint a cute bee instead.)  I could also create a custom GROWTH CHART with characters from the bedding.  If your friend or family member has a Noah's Arc theme in the nursery, I can make a Growth Chart with the same giraffe as is in the bedding. That would make a wonderful gift that mothers would never forget.  Buying from the mother's registry is nice, but within no time, it is hard for the parents to remember who gave the baby what gift.  But they will always remember the gift of Custom Art!
                                                                                        CUSTOM PAINTING CAN BE SMALL OR
                                                                             LARGE, ON WALLS OR ON CANVAS OR FURNITURE!
                                                                       Custom Painting Can Be The Ultimate Gift for a loved one!

Do you have a nursery or child's room to re-design? How about a teen's room?  Let me help you!  I can help you with the design, theme, coloring, etc.....all ON YOUR BUDGET!  It can be as simple as taking one or two images from the child's bedspread and having me add those images to the lampshade, or on the wall, or on a dresser to tie the room together.  It doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars much less thousands. 

Does your interior and/or exterior need an update?  Would you like me to make your business more noticeable to draw in more clientele?  Would you like me to make the interior so enjoyable, your clients will want to come back more often?  It can be easy, totally custom to your needs and so AFFORDABLE!


The Fortune Teller at the top of thia page was on a Social Club sign.  They were having an event where a Fortune Teller was going to be part of the entertainment.  I made fun signs for their Ice Cream Socials, Annual Parade, Luau Parties, etc.  I've made plywood games for schools and for home parties. Want a PHOTO OPPORTUNITY? If you are having Harvest Festival at your church, I can make a board with cut outs so the kids can put their faces thru the board to take their pictures...would you like them to be s Scarecrow? Or for a Castle theme, there could be a cut out for a prince and princess, King or Queen?  Have a Wizard of Oz party? I could make cut outs for the Tin Man, the Lion, etc .

Want a BEAN BAG TOSS? I can make small holes which will result in a bigger prize, and the larger holes would get a lesser prize.  Kids and adults love Bean Bag Toss games.  These can also be made to match the theme of the party. You can get prizes, bean bags and blind folds.  What CUSTOM PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY GAME BOARDS? If it is 1001 Dalmation, I can paint the Mom and Dad Dalmation and a few puppies to pin the tail on instead of the donkey? Do you need a game for a company party?  I can make company theme boards as well.


Would you like a Nativity Scene or a Santa's Sled and the Reindeer's made for your lawn?  Or Elsa, The Snow Queen or and other popular characters? Mickey and Minnie wearing Santa Suits?  Let me make your imagination become a manifestation! 

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